150 150 Emphysys Technology Solutions

Emphysys, a Paramit Company, is uniquely qualified to solve your most difficult technology and product-design problems. Our approach blends fundamental science and engineering to deliver limitless technology development. We take your ideas from concept to advanced functional prototype quickly, accurately and cost-effectively with our fixed price engagement model.

Our parent company, Paramit Corporation, is a global contract development and manufacturing firm offering a unique combination of design engineering, precision mechanical assembly and electronics manufacturing. In combination with Paramit, we now provide end-to-end “transferless” development services. Your concept moves seamlessly through technology development, product development, and into full scale, commercial manufacturing.

The right technology development partner.

Choose Emphysys based on our team of proven scientists and engineers. We have deep capabilities and a library of background technologies that will quickly make your vision a reality.

The right long-term partner.

Emphysys and Paramit are committed to advancing your concept all the way to market. We believe that in order to achieve technology breakthroughs, you must embrace technology development without limits. Together, let’s push the boundaries of technology, innovation and manufacturing to create something truly revolutionary.

Applied Research Approach
Advanced Prototypes in a Matter of Months, Not Years

Patentable IP Assigned Directly to You
Energy-based Devices & Platforms
Full-scale Manufacturing