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Our extensive background in fundamental physics and complex engineering systems makes us uniquely qualified to solve the most difficult product design problems. Using an applied research mindset, Emphysys scientists and engineers dedicate themselves to making new discoveries then testing and applying them to drive your concept further—all the way to market, faster than you thought possible.

In our advanced facilities located just outside of Boston, we offer clients:

  • Extensive lab space
  • Cleanroom
  • Machine and rapid prototyping shop
  • Extensive vacuum facilities
  • Hazardous exhaust scrubber
  • PCB Assembly
  • Pilot production line

The Emphysys Advantage

Applied Research Approach

World-class scientists and highly skilled engineers work at the intersection of science and technology to solve complex, system of systems problems. Every problem has a solution and we dedicate ourselves to finding the way forward for your concept.

Your Invention at a Fixed Price

Our fixed-price model means precise and transparent requirements, well-planned milestones and our commitment that your project will be completed within the established budget and timeline.

Advanced Prototypes in a Matter of Months

Prove your concept before going too far into development—saving you time, resources and money. On average, Emphysys clients receive a working prototype in as few as six months.

Patentable IP Assigned Directly to You

As inventors ourselves with nearly 200 patents, we know what a true differentiator intellectual property is for a company. Rest assured that all IP developed from our work together is assigned directly to your company.

Energy-based Devices and Platforms

From RF and microwave to laser or acoustics, our unmatched expertise in multi-modal energy generation results in exceptional energy-based products and platforms.

We can work with you at every stage, from ideation and technology creation all the way through product development. Together, let’s push the boundaries of technology and innovation to create something truly revolutionary.

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