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We are committed to improving healthcare for all, driving us to support the rapid development of groundbreaking medical devices to ensure new technologies reach the market and the patients faster than ever.

Listen to the full interview from DeviceTalks Boston 2024 with Dr. Kevin Dempsey from Tecan’s technology development group, as he delves into the ‘fail fast’ discovery method that allows our engineers to accelerate ideation. He also discusses cutting-edge innovations in MedTech and shares real-world examples of problem-solving in device development.

Upcoming Events

LSI Europe ’24

September 16-20th, 2024
Sintra | Portugal

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Dr. Kevin Dempsey, Sr. Director of Business Development at Emphysys will be presenting and leading a session at the show.  Book a meeting at the event to discuss how we can collaborate to transform your vision into a tangible and impactful reality.

AvaMed’s The MedTech Conference

October 15-17th, 2024
Toronto | Canada

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Find us in the MassMEDIC pavilion at the conference. Let’s connect at this cornerstone event that brings together the brightest minds in the MedTech industry.

Blogs & Articles

Blog 1: The Emphysys Rapid Solution Blueprint

In the first blog of this three-part series, we dive into Emphysys’ ‘fail fast discovery’ method, a game-changer that accelerates solution delivery from years to mere months.

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Blog 2: The Emphysys Rapid Solution Blueprint

Delve deeper into the innovation behind MedTech development with the second blog of our three-part series focusing on the first two segments of the approach: ‘Literature Review’ and ‘Phenomena to Understand.’

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Blog 3: The Emphysys Rapid Solution Blueprint

Concluding our three-part series, the third blog explores the last three stages of the process: ‘Brainstorming on Device Fundamentals,’ ‘Lab Testing to Further Understanding,’ and ‘Simulation to Further Understanding.’

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Blog 1: Powering Innovation Together

Dive into the first blog of this two-part series to discover how Emphysys, pulling strengths from their multidisciplinary team, overcame a challenge in the development of an energy-delivery medical device used in surgery.

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Blog 2: Powering Innovation Together

The final blog of this two-part series delves into the critical aspects of this project and how Emphysys dissected the challenges faced to pave the way for a solution that significantly improved the device’s effectiveness.

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