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Emphysys maintains a multidisciplinary core team to readily address the needs of our clients.  With backgrounds ranging from Applied Physicists to Senior Software Engineers, we are poised to quickly and efficiently make concepts into solutions.

Our technical expertise includes:

DC and RF Power Systems

  • Full System Design and Simulation
  • DC Power Conversion
  • High-Efficiency Amplifier Design
    • Class D: 10 kHz – 13 MHz
    • Class E:  2 – 60 MHz
    • Output Power 2 W to 90 kW
  • Resonant System Design
  • Custom Magnetics, Transformer Design
  • Inherent System Noise Reduction
  • Impedance Matching
  • Advanced Control System Methods
  • Dynamic Load Matching
  • Topologies for inherently-controlled voltage, current, or power

Plasma and Arc Discharge Physics

  • Plasma and breakdown phenomena
  • Plasma system design and control
    • Capacitive, inductive, microwave
  • Arc discharge system design and control
  • Electromechanical design of plasma “applicators”
    • Applicable to head design
  • Materials selection for arc / plasma compatibility
  • Plasma applicator life optimization
  • Gas / liquid flow, nozzle and injector design
  • Pre-ionization methods
  • Simulation and measurement of ion and electron energy distribution, design for specific applications
  • Design for and testing of a wide range of gas chemistries and compositions

Measurement and Sensing

  • Ultrasonic Fluid Flow Measurement
  • Capacitance Tomography
  • Remotely coupled RF sensors
    • Magnetic field coupling-based location measurements
  • In vivo measurement methods
  • Custom RF sensors
    • Voltage, Current, Phase, Power, Tuning
  • Capacitive Transducers

Wireless Systems

  • Wireless Power Transfer
    • Inductive Coupling, Resonant Systems
  • Battery Charging
  • Antenna and Transponder Design
  • Wireless Data and Video Transmission

High Voltage System Design

  • Proven design methodologies used based on experience developing and releasing products up to 45 kV
  • Comprehensive understanding of clearance, creepage, corona, and breakdown mechanisms at atmospheric pressure, vacuum, and positive pressure
  • Simulation and design of electromagnetic field shapes
  • Wide experience in high voltage materials selection
  • Medical isolation design and implementation for high voltage systems (up to 10 kV)

Mechanical System Design

  • Plasma and discharge containment
  • Complex hand-held medical devices
  • Analysis and application of advanced ceramics, metals, polymers
  • Disposable high-volume medical device design

Thermal and Fluids Systems

  • Thermal and Fluids Analysis and Simulation
  • Thermal Management and System Design
  • Gas and liquid delivery and control
  • Vaporization and vapor delivery and control
  • Radiation system design
  • Vacuum systems, vacuum design
  • Corrosive gas and liquid handling

Acoustical Systems

  • Pulse generation and shaping
  • Transducer design and optimization
  • Acoustical system simulation
  • Acoustical beam mapping

Signal Processing and Filtering

  • Signal Processing Simulation
  • RF filtering techniques
    • Digital and Analog
  • Under-sampling methods for high speed measurement
  • Signal extraction from a high-noise measurement
  • Multi-Channel, Real-Time Signal Processing

Software, Firmware, Control Systems

  • Fully Custom FPGA- and DSP-based Systems
    • Multi-level control schemes
    • Real-time RF measurement and control
    • Hybrid Systems
  • Cryptography and Effective Source Code Protection
  • C, C++, VHDL, Verilog, Linux, RTOS, etc
  • Comprehensive algorithm simulation and development

Surgical and Aesthetic HF / RF Medical Devices : Generators 

  • 60601-2-2 design: Type B, BF, CF
  • Device frequencies ranging from 200 kHz to 40 MHz
  • High voltage Patient-Isolated power electronics (up to 15 kV)
  • Application-specific waveform and topology design
  • Fundamental surgical feasibility studies, tissue effect feasibility
  • Topology design for constant power, voltage, or current
  • Pulsed systems, pulse compression systems

Surgical and Aesthetic HF / RF Probes and Applicators

  • High-volume disposable product design
  • Surgical probe, catheter, and wand design 
  • Non-invasive applicator design 
  • Design for biocompatibility and sterilization
  • Rapid proof-of-principle and fundamental feasibility work
  • Production design and materials / cost optimization

If you are interested in speaking with our team about your project or taking a tour of the Emphysys facilities, please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.