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Scientific and Technical Expertise

The race is on to bring innovative technology to markets demanding products that are faster, smaller, more powerful and intelligent than what is available today. Meeting this demand for next generation technology-based solutions requires deep market domain understanding coupled with technical skills that cross the physics and engineering disciplines. Meet Emphysys. Our scientists and engineers have a passion for exploring and pushing the boundaries of fundamental science, unmatched expertise in multi-modal energy generation and software control systems, and sophisticated simulation abilities to fully understand the system under design.

Energy Generation

Energy Generation & Delivery

From RF to microwave to laser or acoustics, we know how to reduce these black arts to known science, resulting in exceptional products in very short timelines.

  • Electromagnetics
  • Fluidics
  • High Voltage
  • Plasma
  • Probes, Transducers and Applicators
  • RF and DC Power
  • Thermal
  • Ultrasound

Fundamental Science

With a deep understanding of the physics models at the core of IP, we develop patentable IP that will differentiate your product from your competitor’s. Science and technology, and understanding the interactions between them, drive our approach.

  • Acoustics
  • Biological Systems Characterization and Dynamics
  • Fluid and Gas Dynamics
  • Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Mechanics and Motion
  • Plasma and Arc Discharge
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Vacuum


With an in-depth understanding and experience with bio-compatibility, high-temperature materials and advanced coatings, we match the most suitable materials to your product concept, ensuring that your product will work not only in the lab, but more importantly, in its intended market.

  • Advanced Surface Treatments
  • Compatibility
  • Metal Plating
  • Plasma Interactions with Surfaces
  • Polymer Coatings


With software at the heart of any new technology-based product, matching the complexity of the product to the right software controls is critical. We apply our experience with deeply embedded FPGA control, real-time systems and cloud-based analytics to ensure the best match for your new product, the first time.

  • Embedded Real-time Control
  • Fully Custom FPGA- and DSP-based Systems
  • Multi-tier Control Schemes
  • Signal Processing Simulation

Simulation, Measurement & Control

Our experience with the most sophisticated multi-physics simulation and modeling tools to test a product’s performance as it is being designed is a core compentency of ours, unmatched in the industry. With the resulting full understanding of the dynamics and tolerances of your complex product, you can be confident that your product design is ready to manufacture.

  • Advanced Simulation and Modeling
  • Measurement and Sensing
  • Complex Control Systems
  • Signal Processing and Filtering
  • Robotics and Motion

Wireless Systems

In our interconnected world, wireless technology is the enabling force for broad adoption. Our expertise with wireless technologies ranging from wireless power transfer to near-field data and video communication ensures that you will have a fully-engineered wireless technology ready to seamlessly integrate into your product design.

  • Antennas
  • Coupling and Sealing
  • Data and Video
  • Inductively Coupled
  • Power Transfer
  • RF

The technology required to develop truly differentiable products for today’s markets requires partnering with people that understand the technology, and most importantly, have a track record of successfully leveraging it for complex systems. With Emphysys as your development partner, we will help you understand how to make your concept work and make sure it will work, even better than you imagined.

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