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For over a decade and continuing today, Emphysys partners with companies focused on delivering innovative technology-based products to highly dynamic markets characterized by rapid development, short innovation cycles, and tight regulation. Our exceptional experience creating advanced technologies combined with deep market domain expertise makes us uniquely qualified to solve incredibly difficult product design challenges for the Life Sciences, Medical Device, and Industrial markets.

Life Sciences

Diagnostics continues to move far beyond large lab-based instruments toward more advanced testing tools and portable, powerful, minimally invasive devices capable of finding, monitoring, and curing diseases more quickly and reliably. With technical know-how that includes fluidics technology, RF power systems, motion control, and optics, Emphysys scientists and engineers are working with clients to turn their concepts for lab-on-a chip technology, bioelectronic medicine, DNA scanning and electrophoretic separation into novel devices and solutions that are driving the evolution of diagnostics.

We can help you understand how to make your concept work and then make sure it will work, even better than you imagined. Explore how we can work together.

Medical Device

To have the best chance for market acceptance, new medical technology must not only deliver improved outcomes, but also be produced safer, faster and more economically than what is currently available. Emphysys understands the pressures facing medical device manufacturers because we work under these same pressures with clients on the forefront of developing energy-based devices and systems, robotic surgical devices, wearable medical devices, advanced diagnostic solutions to enable personalized medicine, and more.

Together, we will quickly and efficiently turn your concepts into the transformative solutions your customers are expecting. Explore our services and expertise.


Digital and advanced technologies are the key drivers of the transformation underway in industrial manufacturing. Not only must equipment be fast, reliable, cost effective to build and maintain, but it must also be intelligent. Drawing on our deep roots in designing and developing industrial equipment for the semiconductor industry, Emphysys knows how to combine industrial science, automation, precision control and reliability with advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, digital analytics, virtual reality and IoT.

A development partnership with Emphysys will turn your technology-based concepts into leading-edge products for the fourth industrial revolution. Learn how.

Emphysys scientists and engineers have a rare combination of market, regulatory and technical understanding to drive your concept all the way to your target market—faster than you thought possible. Let us bring our unique combination of skills and commitment to solving the most difficult product design challenges to your next project.

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