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Our Service Offerings

As an organization, we recognize that customer relationships and satisfaction are at the forefront of everything we do. For that reason, Emphysys employs a partnership approach to meet the needs of our clients and remain flexible throughout our highly-customized product development process.

The core service offerings provided by the Emphysys team are listed below. However, if you do not see a specific item you are looking for, please contact us.

Research and Technology Assessment

From concept to creation, Emphysys is skilled at developing highly-complex, multidisciplinary projects that push the barriers of what is possible. 

We provide thorough Research and Technology Assessment services that clearly assess the current market and competitors, understand the technologies and risks associated with the project, as well as the needs required to continue to development.

IP Creation and Technology Invention

Your intellectual property is the key to your success.  As an avid team of advocates for our customers as well as inventors ourselves, we understand and appreciate the necessity of the IP creation process.

Product Development

At the core of our business, we develop products that help our customers out-pace their competitors.  Emphysys offers a wide-range of services to accommodate partners of any scale; from large, global brands to single entrepreneur startups.  Our projects are lead by dedicated project managers to ensure that our customers meet goals and deadlines within their specified budget.

Pilot Production and Manufacturing Transfer

At Emphysys, we offer customers a comprehensive suite of pilot production services to continue our high standards of development and complete the go-to-market process.  Our facility offers a full, customizable pilot-production line to accommodate all project sizes across the industries that we serve.