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Sound familiar? Almost every company, from startups to market leaders, ask themselves these questions when they are beginning a development effort or in the throes of one. Whether it is a first product, next-generation, novel technology, new twist on an existing technology, or a new feature set, we know first-hand that companies wrestle with these challenges. You’re not alone.

Founded in 2009 by Dr. Ali Shajii, Emphysys was created to address the myriad of challenges companies face trying to turn their concepts into real-world solutions and products. Technology and product development is a high risk process. With a unique combination of expertise in fundamental physics, complex engineering systems and sophisticated simulation capabilities, the scientists and engineers of Emphysys can help you greatly reduce that risk.

Meet the Emphysys leadership team.

Rapid Innovation and Productivity

Productivity and innovation—you can have both. Our multi-disciplinary teams of experienced physicists, scientists and engineers work together seamlessly, each contributing their specific disciplinary knowledge to your project. Our highly skilled technical project managers make sure that key milestones and deadlines are met while keeping your project within budget.

Advanced Prototype Development

With a working prototype in a matter of months, you can prove your concept before going too far into development. We can help you avoid “the project has become too big to fail” trap.

Sophisticated Multiphysics Modeling and Simulation

We test an entire complex product to see how each part performs in conjunction with the entire product. Evaluation of a product’s performance as it is being designed is critical to reducing costs, improving product quality and saving time further in the development process.

Inventors Mindset

Technology invention can lead to the creation of patentable IP—a true differentiator for your product and a highly valuable asset for your company. As inventors ourselves with over 170 patents, we can guide you through the complexities of the IP creation process. And, most importantly, the IP that is developed is assigned directly to your company.

Systems-level Thinking

We are solvers of complex system of systems problems. Our design-driven approach leads to building a better product—yours.

Market Domain Knowledge

Delivering the right products—those needed in your target markets, by customers and end users requires understanding how your product can solve the distinctive needs of those customers. With a unique combination of specialized industry expertise, regulatory and technical understanding, our scientists and engineers will ensure that your concept is what your target market is looking for and then drive it all the way to your desired markets—faster than you thought possible.

Working at the intersection of science and technology, our scientists and engineers transform your idea into technology and drive it all the way to market–faster than you thought possible.

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